Effect: Varies, Activation effects total –1 or 2 points
You can transform into something other than mere flesh and blood, from a body of organic steel to a cloud of gas, a mass of liquid, a swarm of tiny insect-sized robots, or anything else you want to develop. Choose a set of effects that reflect the capabilities of your Alternate Form, based on the examples following. Then choose the action required to assume your Alternate Form: if it requires a move action, subtract 1 character point from the total cost of the effects. If it requires a standard action, subtract 2 points. See the Activation flaw for details.
Some potential Alternate Forms (and their possible effects) include:
  • Energy: You are made up of energy, such as fire or electricity: Damage (close or ranged), Flight, Immunity, Insubstantial 3, and Teleport (Energy Medium).
  • Gaseous: You are a cloud of gas, like fog or mist: Affliction (Suffocate), Concealment (Visual, Attack), Flight, Immunity, and Insubstantial 2.
  • Ghost: You are incorporeal and invisible, largely unaffected by the physical world: Concealment (Visual), Flight, Immunity, and Insubstantial 4.
  • Heroic: You have a distinct “hero” form, in addition to your “normal” form. Essentially, all your powers have the Activation modifier! The inability to assume your heroic form might also constitute a complication for you from time to time.
  • Liquid: You are made up of liquid (such as water): Affliction (Suffocate), Concealment (Visual, Limited to Underwater), Elongation, Immunity, Insubstantial 1, and Swimming.
  • Particulate: Your body is composed of a granular or particulate substance like sand, dust, salt, and so forth: Damage, Elongation, Immunity, Insubstantial 1, and Movement (Slithering).
  • Shadow: You transform into a living shadow: Concealment (Visual, Limited to Darkness and Shadows), Immunity, Insubstantial 4, and Movement (Slithering, Wall-crawling).
  • Solid: You are made up of a hard solid substance like stone or metal: Enhanced Stamina, Enhanced Strength, Immunity, and Protection.
  • Swarm: Your “body” is actually thousands of other tiny creatures: insects, worms, even little robots: Flight, Immunity, Insubstantial 2, and Movement (Slithering, Wall-crawling).
  • Two-Dimensional: You can flatten yourself to become almost infinitely thin: Concealment (Visual, Limited to One Side), Damage (Penetrating – sharp edges), Insubstantial 1 (for slipping through narrow spaces), and Movement (Slithering).
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