Action: None • Range: Personal • Duration: Permanent • Cost: 1 point per rank
You recover quickly from damage. Remove penalties to your Toughness checks due to damage equal to your Regeneration rank each minute. You then recover other damage conditions equal to your Regeneration rank each minute, starting from your most severe condition. Spread this recovery out evenly over a minute (10 action rounds). So with Regeneration 5, you remove a –1 Toughness penalty every other round (every round with Regeneration 10, and up to a –2 penalty per round with Regeneration 20).


Characters with no Stamina do not heal (see Absent Abilities in Abilities). One or more ranks of Regeneration overcome this. An absent Stamina character with Regeneration 1 recovers at a normal rate; additional Regeneration ranks speed up that rate.


Persistent: You can regenerate even Incurable damage conditions (see the Incurable modifier). +1 cost per rank.


Source: Your Regeneration only works when you have access to a particular source to replenish yourself, such as blood, electricity, sand, scrap metal, sunlight, and so forth. –1 cost per rank.
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