Action: Standard • Range: Ranged • Duration: Instant • Cost: 1 point per rank
Nullify can counter particular effects of a particular descriptor, such as fire effects, magical effects, mental effects, and so forth (see Countering Effects). You can counter one effect of your chosen descriptor per use of Nullify. You can’t nullify innate effects (see the Innate modifier description).
Make a ranged attack check to hit the target. Then make an opposed check of your Nullify rank and the targeted effect’s rank or the target’s Will defense, whichever is higher. If you are targeting the subject of an effect rather than the effect’s user, make an opposed check of Nullify rank vs. effect rank. If you win, the targeted effect turns off, although the user can reactivate it normally. If you lose the opposed check, you do not Nullify the effect. With two or more degrees of failure, trying again against the same subject in the same scene requires extra effort.


Affects Insubstantial: Nullify does not require this modifier to affect insubstantial targets, or the Insubstantial effect itself. You can attempt to nullify the effects of insubstantial targets normally.
Alternate Resistance: Nullify may require a Fortitude rather than a Will check to represent an effect resisted by health and stamina rather than strength of will. +0 cost per rank.
Area: An Area Nullify effect works on all targets in the area. Make a single power check and compare the result against the opposed checks of the targets. Targets lacking effects you can nullify are, naturally, unaffected. If your Area Nullify has a duration longer than instant, choose whether or not the effect remains in the chosen area (affecting anyone entering or leaving it) or moves with the targets hit with the initial effect. There is no difference in cost, but to be able to do both, take one Area Nullify as an Alternate Effect of the other. +1 cost per rank.
Broad: Broad Nullify can counter effects of a particularly broad descriptor like magical, mutant, or technological effects. This modifier is available only with the GameMaster’s permission and may depend on the effects available in the series. +1 cost per rank.
Concentration: Any countered effect is suppressed and cannot be reactivated while you concentrate. The user of the countered effect may use extra effort to gain another opposed Nullify check. If successful, the effect can be reactivated. +1 cost per rank.
Simultaneous: Simultaneous Nullify can counter all effects of a particular descriptor (such as fire or magic) at once. +1 cost per rank.
Effortless: Trying again after two or more degrees of failure does not require extra effort for you. You can retry a Nullify attempt an unlimited number of times. +1 cost per rank.
Precise: If you can Nullify multiple effects, this modifier allows you to choose which are nullified and which are not. Flat +1 point.
Randomize: Rather than being countered, the effect(s) targeted by your Nullify acquire the Uncontrolled flaw and go out of control (as dictated by the GM). +0 cost per rank.
Selective: If you have an Area Nullify effect, this extra allows you to choose who in the area is affected, nullifying some targets and not others. +1 cost per rank.
Sustained: If this modifier is applied to Concentration Nullify, keeping the countered effect(s) suppressed is only a free action for you each turn. +1 cost per rank.


Side Effect: If you fail to nullify an effect, you might suffer some kind of “backlash” or similar side effect. –1 cost per rank.

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