Action: Standard • Range: Rank • Duration: Sustained • Cost: 1–2 points per rank
You can change the environment in an area: raising or lowering the temperature, creating light, causing rain, and so forth (see The Environment in Action & Adventure for details).
Your Environment affects a 30 foot radius around you at rank 1. Each additional rank moves the radius up one distance rank, for a reach of approximately 2,000 miles at rank 20, sufficient to alter the environment of an entire continent!
Each of the following is a separate Environment effect. If you have one you can acquire others as Alternate Effects, but you can then only use and maintain one at a time. To use or maintain multiple Environment effects simultaneously, add their costs together for the effect’s total cost per rank or apply the Selective modifier, allowing you to mix-and-match effects.


You can lower the temperature in the area. For 1 point per rank, you create intense cold; for 2 points per rank, you create extreme cold.


You can raise the temperature in the area. For 1 point per rank, you create intense heat, for 2 points per rank; you create extreme heat.


You can impede movement through the area with high winds, icy or wet surfaces, or similar effects. For 1 point per rank, you reduce movement speed through the area by 1 rank; for 2 points per rank, you reduce it by 2 ranks. Depending on your descriptors, you may also apply circumstance modifiers to Acrobatics and Athletics checks for surface conditions.


You can raise the light level in the area, countering the concealment of darkness, but not other forms of concealment. For 1 point per rank, you can create enough light to reduce total concealment to partial and partial concealment to none. For 2 points per rank, you can shed light as bright as a sunlit day, eliminating all concealment provided by natural darkness. Power effects with the darkness descriptor may be countered with a successful power check (see Countering Effects).


You impose a -2 modifier to Perception checks for 1 point per rank, and a -5 for 2 points per rank. For more significant obscuring of senses (via darkness, fog, etc.) use an Area Concealment Attack effect (see Concealment).


Selective: With this extra you can vary the environment within your affected area, affecting some while not affecting others, or even mixing and matching different environments (making part of the area cold and another hot, for example). +1 cost per rank.
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