Action: Free • Range: Personal • Duration: Sustained • Cost: 2 points per rank
You gain total concealment from a particular sense while this effect is active, although you are still detectable to other senses (even other senses of the same sense type; so you could have full concealment against normal sight, but not infravision or any other sense in the sight sense type). Each additional rank gives you concealment from another sense; two ranks give you concealment for an entire sense type. See Concealment for full effects.
Concealment from visual senses costs double (2 ranks for one visual sense, 4 ranks for all visual senses). You cannot have concealment from tactile senses, since that requires being incorporeal (see Insubstantial effect). So with Concealment 5, you can have total concealment from all visual senses (4 ranks) and normal hearing (1 rank), for example. With Concealment 10 you have total concealment from all sense types other than tactile.


Affects Others: This modifier allows you to grant Concealment to others while you are touching them, or at range, if you also apply the Range modifier. +1 cost per rank.
Area: Concealment with Affects Others (previously) or attack (immediately following) may have this extra, affecting everything in the area. To only affect some targets in the area, apply the Selective modifier as well. +1 cost per rank.
Attack: Use this extra for a Concealment effect you can impose on others (whether they want to be concealed or not). An invisibility ray, for example, is a Visual Concealment Attack, while a field of darkness is a Burst Area Visual Concealment Attack. +0 cost per rank.
Precise: You can vary your Concealment at will as a free action: going from total to partial to no concealment, concealing some parts and not others, or anywhere in-between. If your Concealment affects multiple senses, you can also choose to affect some of those senses and not others. Concealment is normally all-or-nothing: either you are concealed to the full amount of your effect, or you’re not. Flat +1 point.


Blending: You “blend” into the background. Your Concealment only functions as long as you move no faster than your (ground speed rank –1), since your blending can’t adapt faster than that. -1 cost per rank.
Limited: Your Concealment only works under certain conditions, such as in fog, shadows, or in urban locales. One example is Limited to Machines, where your Concealment only fools senses with a technological descriptor. -1 cost per rank.
Partial: Your effect provides partial rather than total concealment (see Concealment). -1 cost per rank.
Passive: Your Concealment only lasts until you do something requiring an attack or effect check on your part, at which point it stops working until you reactivate it, which you may do on the following round. -1 cost per rank.
Resistible: Your Concealment offers a resistance check (chose a defense when the flaw is applied) for anyone aware of your presence and actively looking for you. Concealment Resistible by Will may represent some sort of mental illusion effect. -1 cost per rank.


Perception range effects must accurately perceive a target in order to affect it. This generally means you cannot target subjects with total concealment from your accurate senses with perception range effects. Thus, foes with Visual Concealment (the most common accurate sense) can be quite effective against characters relying on perception range attacks, unless the attacker has an unusual accurate sense to circumvent the Concealment. This is one reason Visual Concealment costs extra.
At the Gamemaster’s discretion, a successful Perception check to accurately locate a target with an acute sense may allow you to use perception range effects on that target; however, the target still benefits from concealment, granting a +5 circumstance bonus to resistance against the effect.
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